press ESC to skip dialogue
press UP/DOWN ARROW to open/close the Achievements Tab

You've been asked to buy some groceries for a friend in need.
The list he gave you is really weird, though.

Uncover the mystery of your friend grocery list, buy the items he asked you or just put whatever you want in the cart, and try to score a date too while you're at it!

-  3 Endings
-  4 Dateable characters (or maybe 5?)
-  Social Network mock up minigame: use MyInstaSpaceBook to get to know the characters! Discover what they like and you can date them ;)

Game made for the I Can't Write But Want To Tell a Story Game Jam


Sounds and music credits (hosted on Freesounds):
elmasmalo1, Thejack288, THE_bizniss, PuplPndaHimwx,
AndreWharn, TheBuilder15, jourblue, M-RED, GioMilko, rhodesmas, kiddpark


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I have to say this was adorable! I like the art, it's unique, cute and rememberable.

I think it says a lot about my memory that my first two endings was the neutral one, and the secret date.

Honestly, I'm not usually a fan of having the mechanic of forcing the player to remember things off the bat, but the items were so unique, it actually worked quite well. Even with my bad mind, I was able to get the neutral ending off the bat.

Plus, it was a short enough game that it didn't become tedious to replay to get all the endings. (I'm still working on the Casanova achievements.)

I liked the addition of the achievements. The only suggestion I have really is I got confused on the up/down myself. I just assumed either or would open/close the achievements. So I hit down a few times outside the achievements, and the screen would flash. 

I really liked the mechanic of snooping through social media to find their tastes. It helps give the answer, without handing it on a silver plate, and it took me two playthroughs to realize what the pattern was.

The conversations were fun too,  like how the player was woken up and just accepted everything that was thrown at them. 

Wonderful job! And congrats on your submission!

Thank you so much, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Especially if the memory mechanic is not something you usually like, I'm happy that I managed to make it so it wasn't hard or annoying. 

I'm also happy you replayed it and got the achievements! Having a game that it's interesting to reaplay was really important to me!

Thank you again for your review!