Help the old town guard cheating his eyesight examination so he can keep on doing his job without wearing glasses!

Include fun stuff like:
- Uniquely designed ROBOs!
- shop at the ROBO Merchant shop!
- ACTUALLY taking an eyesight examination, with the light board and the oculist judging you!
- The oculist is a ROBO too!
- THINKING ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOU ACTIONS! Like really, cheating at a medical examination? Is that wise? Would you let a guard going around town armed and basically blind?? YOU DECIDE
- Form friendship with a ROBO -- oh my, what a scandal that would be,  in this fictional sci-fi society! 
- 9 different endings! Play it once, then play it again, then play it some more!


Special thanks to Fe for betatesting!


Audio credits:
all sounds are from, made by the following artists:
"modem_dial" by 0ktober, "emergency siren" by onderwish, "whistling teapot" by keweldog, "window breaking" by m1a2t3z4, "running on ground" by Disagree, "cash register" by kiddpark, "some laser gun shot iv" by MattiaGiovanetti ,"chiptune loop" by kasa90, "coin purchase 3" by rhodesmas, "8mmprojector_start-run-stop_18fps" by nemoDaedalus, "chiptune loop episode 03" by orginaljun, "robot" by ScreamStudio, "20_jan_2015_1a" by soundathon, "wolfwhistle" by Benboncan 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsComedy, Robots, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes


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Okay, I honestly expected to just play a round and be done with it, but here I am 20 minutes later having unlocked all of the endings and the friendship of a robot. Very cute!


I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And to know you stick with it until you got all the endings, it makes me so happy!
And making friends with robots should always be possible in every game, if you ask me u.u